Galdur Vendikon

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Galdur Vendikon

Source: LB1: Tower of the Last Baron, pg(s). 27f.

One of the last holdovers of the independent aristocracy that held political sway in Andoran before its independence from the control of Infernal Cheliax, Baron Galdur Vendikon holds tightly to what power he has in his measly territory of Piren's Bluff. Ever tempted to shift his allegiances to support Chelish interests, the Baron found himself being showered by arcane gifts ranging from magic items to his own crepitus servant, all from Cheliax's many emissaries. In 4708 AR, when his decision to side with the powerful Chelish invaders became known to the People's Council in Almas, the Andoren Army laid siege to Baron Vendikon's Keep and the town and, with help of undercover Andoren agents, brought the Baron's reign to an end.1


Galdur Vendikon was a descendant of House Vendikon which controlled the Barony of Perin northwest of the Aspodell Crossroads. When Andoran still belonged to Cheliax, all three baronies of the area (Barony of Perin, Barony of Pamiatazova, and Barony of Darkmoon) belonged to the County of Elberwick.2 During the revolution, the Andoren nobility faced a difficult choice: side with the people of Andoran and forfeit their titles, or join with the evil Chelish empire and face the wrath of the people. In the end, those who openly sided with Cheliax were killed or driven into exile, while those who embraced the revolution retained much of their wealth and influence. A brave few nobles chose neither side, unable to relinquish their cherished nobility and unwilling to side with the foreign empire. Baron Vendikon was one of these nobles, once master of a large barony, who after the revolution controlled little more than the few miles around his keep in Piren's Bluff.3


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