Imed Ibn Surhal

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Imed Ibn Surhal

Source: Valley of the Brain Collectors, pg(s). 69

Imed Ibn Surhal was a Qadiran sage and one of Golarion's few scholars on the subject of the Dominion of the Black. In his research he developed the troubling theory that the Dominion's ultimate goal is not conquest, as many assume, but rather the sacrifice of all sentient life to the Dark Tapestry—possibly through rituals like the Banquet, as described in fellow scholar Fulvia Nostraema's research.

The culmination of Imed's research was a text titled Apocalypse at the Dark Center of the Universe, though it was only briefly in circulation before the Church of Sarenrae conspired with Qadiran authorities to have it suppressed. Not long after the publication of his book, Surhal was found dead in his study—the walls covered in obscenities scrawled in his own excrement, his body naked and covered in an intricate pattern of self-inflicted cuts—allegedly having choked to death on a cockroach he shoved down his own throat.1