Immaculate Repository

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Abadar's holy symbol seen on many stalls around the city.

The Immaculate Repository is a highly visible temple of Abadar in the Dawn Gate district of Katapesh. It is packed with merchant stalls and tents, each of which hangs a decorative key in the front as homage to the Master of the First Vault. They also keep a tithe box, into which customers are expected to drop spare change following a transaction, and from which the clergy collects to fund the daily routines of the temple. Interestingly, none of the merchants take security precautions against theft from the tithe, as few would be foolish enough to rob a tithe box of Abadar in Katapesh, the city of merchants.


The clergy who live in the Immaculate Repository manage some extremely important services for the city. Jalal Abdul-Abadar, the Master of the Vault and overseer of the temple, provides a variety of key administrative functions, including notarizing documents, preparing business contracts, and, most importantly, verifying and validating the scales. Each scale is affixed with a distinctive gold ribbon, labelled with a date and name, affirming that a cleric of Abadar has verified that the scale is fair. These ribbons are magically affixed to the scales, and there are very few who would risk the wrath of the clergy by forging them, as the clergy is fully and ruthlessly backed by the Pactmasters in this duty. Other services performed by the temple's clergy include identifying and documenting the properties of magic items, and licensing businesses, most of which are unavailable or cost hugely inflated prices outside the city.1