Imperial Naval Shipyards

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The Imperial Naval Shipyards manufacture huge, superior-quality war vessels for the Taldan Imperial Navy. The secret behind this quality lies in the blackwood trees harvested by the druids of Wildwood Lodge and sent to Cassomir in great volumes. The towering skeletons of dozens of ships in various phases of construction characterize this district. Around the shipyards, woodworkers, rope-makers, tar and pitch factories, sail weavers, and lumber mills represent a bustling industry surrounding the shipyards. The district also houses the industries of interest to sailors, like brothels, moneylenders, inns, pubs, fighting pits, shrines, and open-air markets. The Cassomir constabulary heavily patrols the shipyards at night, though it is difficult to keep crime at bay.1

Ethem Baler, a white-haired ancient gnome, is the Imperial Naval Shipyards' chief shipwright,2 and Brother Zaganos represents the Wildwood Lodge in Cassomir. Zaganos oversees the trade relations between Taldor and the druids and works closely with Ethem and other gnome shipwrights in the shipyards.3


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