Ingrid Odeber

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Ingrid Odeber
Titles Commander
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Human
Class Paladin 11
Gender Female
Homeland Andoran
Deity Iomedae
Organization Diamond Regiment

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 14, 53

Ingrid Odeber is an Andoren paladin who commands the Diamond Regiment that patrols the area of Darkmoon Vale.[1]


Ingrid is a beautiful woman of Andoran descent. She has pale skin and long blonde hair falling below her waist and bangs. She is dressed in an Andoren Eagle Knight uniform with the insignia of the Diamond Regiment over her left breast.[1]


Ingrid is a member of the Odeber family. It is common knowledge that she is married to Tablic, the druid in charge of the Greenfire Circle. This connection has led a strong level of cooperation between the regiment and the Circle along with the Fangwatch.[1]


Little known is the fact that Ingrid Odeber is a naturally born werebear. Due to the fact that the most common type of lycanthropes in Darkmoon Vale are the chaotic evil werewolves, she keeps this fact a secret, as some people may not understand (or care) about the difference.[1]


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