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Eagle Knights
Eagle Knight

Defeating slavery
Military hierarchy
Soldiers, paladins, ex-adventurers
Source: Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, pg(s). 28-32

The Eagle Knights of Andoran are a state-funded military organization sworn to protect their homeland, and to destroy slavery and those who profit from it. Often working as moles inside slaving organizations, the Eagle Knights, while well intentioned, are as insidious as many of the more evil organizations in Golarion.1


The Eagle Knights are seen by some as the shining example of humanity, willing to risk their lives to fight against tyranny and injustice. Others believe them to be misguided and naive soldiers who use their supposed virtue as a smokescreen to hide their imperialistic intentions. Whatever the truth might be, it is clear that the Eagle Knights draw their inspiration from Andoran's philosophy of the Common Rule, which champions the rights of the individual, and seek to spread its tenets both at home and abroad.2


Most Eagle Knights wear the traditional blue-and-white regalia of the order, along with the iconic golden epaulets; the exception are those working under-cover.2


Most Eagle Knights are recruited from the best of the Andoren military, or directly from the civilian population. These recruits are often nontraditional solders, adventurers, or anyone with a wide range of skill sets including diplomacy, espionage, and exploration. Arcane and divine spellcasters, even those without any military background, are especially sought out, particularly if they are skilled in the art of divination, as such magic can provide information inaccessible to even the deepest under-cover agent.2


The Eagle Knights are overseen by 30 Consuls, members of the nation's elected People's Council. The Eagle Knights themselves are organized in a militaristic hierarchy, commanded by General Reginald Cormoth, who also serves as the organization's public face. General Cormoth (who is also a Consul) has run the Knights for over a decade, and directs the Knights' operations within Andoran. He is also an elite adjunct to the standard Andoren military, and is supported by three under-marshals.342


A Hellknight in combat with an Eagle Knight

The Eagle Knights of Andoran have three distinct branches with different operational areas of responsibilities. Ranking members of any branch are known first and foremost as Eagle Knights, and referred to as such. For instance, a ranking Golden Legionnaire is referred to as an "Eagle Knight of the Golden Legion".2

Golden Legion

The Eagle Knights of the Golden Legion are commanded by General Hedrik Traxxus and operate alongside the nation's military. Members of the Golden Legion act as elite adjunct units, doubling as field commanders and trainers depending on the need. The Golden Legion's primary role is to guard Andoran's borders and its interior trade routes and keep a watchful eye on the nation's wilder regions.4 Its members include Golden Legionnaires.5

Steel Falcons

The Steel Falcons were most recently led by General Andira Marusek, but their current leader, since she ascended to the position of Supreme Elect, is unknown.6 They are not bound to serve as defenders of Andoran proper, and act beyond the state's borders to spread the Andoren philosophy of the Common Rule, and oppose slavery throughout the Inner Sea region.42 They also work alongside the Andoren Navy to combat slave ships at sea.7

Twilight Talons

The Twilight Talons are headed by Marshal Helena Trellis, though this is not publicly known or acknowledged by the government due to the clandestine nature of the organization. The Twilight Talons serve as the Knight's spies, saboteurs, deep cover agents, and assassins.4


The job of an Eagle Knight is often hard.

The Eagle Knights were formed in 4600 AR by permission of King Cullaim II.8 During the Goblinblood Wars, the Eagle Knights entered Isger to help defeat the goblin horde that was laying waste to the country. This is possibly the only time they have fought alongside Hellknights from Cheliax against a common enemy.9

Eagle Knight bases

The main headquarters of the Eagle Knights is the Golden Aerie, a massive seven-story column of white marble located in the capital city of Almas.2 In addition to their more clandestine operations, the Eagle Knights also maintain a visible presence in many Andoran communities, such as Augustana.[citation needed]

Public perception

Although generally regarded favorably by the citizens of Andoran, the Eagle Knights are often disliked outside of their nation's borders. The governments of Cheliax and Nidal actively suppress the liberties of their citizens, and regard Eagle Knights with cold indifference at best, while the staid bureaucrats of Taldor to the east see them as anarchists and trouble makers. While the leaders of Druma appreciate the Eagle Knights' dedication to free trade and abolitionism, they also worry that its more radical ideals will eventually make their way to their own country and undermine their authority.2 By contrast, the people of the River Kingdoms generally regard them quite positively, since slavery is traditionally considered abhorrent there.10

Many foreigners who support the Eagle Knights' goal of ending slavery nevertheless feel some reservations about accepting their help, realizing that it is always accompanied by a push to shift societies toward greater equality and representation; equality that could threaten their own power. It is this more subtle intransigence abroad that presents the Eagle Knights with their greatest obstacle, and not the machinations of evil diabolists and slavers. Others worry that the loyalty of the Eagle Knights is divided between their nationalism and their founding philosophy given to them by the empyreal lord Talmandor. While this rift is certainly exaggerated by the Eagle Knights' critics, it is also true.2


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