Jamus Hainard

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Jamus Hainard
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Source: Andoran, Spirit of Liberty, pg(s). 29

Andoren paladin Jamus Hainard was born to a halfling farming family, but was inspired by the Eagle Knights to become a champion of freedom.1

Appearance and temperament

Jamus is a halfling with brown hair and brown eyes. He is friendly to everyone he meets, no matter their background.2

Personal history

Before becoming a paladin of Erastil, Jamus Hainard's home shire near Oregent was frightened into servitude by vampires from the Nogortha Necropolis for a year. Then the Eagle Knights came and liberated the town by eradicating the menace. The memory of these knights defending the helpless was the driving force of the halfling's training. Following the battle Jamus approached the knights about joining their order. They lauded his courage, and gave him an eagle dagger, encouraging him to train on his own to become strong enough. Jamus began rigorous training of the spirit, body, and mind, learning to be merciful, yet protective.2

Military history

10 years after the Eagle Knights saved his shire, Jamus was inducted into the Eagle Knights, by those same knights that inspired him to become one of them.2 He now serves as a mentor to young heroes.23


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