Jhandorage Vaulnder Alexayn

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Jhandorage Vaulnder Alexayn

The Miser
Source: Serpents Fall, pg(s). 12

Jhandorage Vaulnder Alexayn, also known as Alexayn the Miser, was one of the founders of the Aspis Consortium in Cheliax.1


He spent the last few years of his life spending much of his considerable wealth creating buildings and monuments in his honor throughout his hometown of Ostenso on the Inner Sea. Upon his death he was interred in a gigantic, lavish mausoleum, along with his remaining object d'art. His obsession with being remembered was so great that when his mausoleum was looted 108 years after his death, he rose as a mummy when he discovered that he had been entirely forgotten. He now haunts the streets of Ostenso in the faded fashions of Cheliax from a century ago, plotting on how he will once again raise his reputation, this time by more nefarious means if necessary.1

In 4652 AR, Jhandorage Alexayn used a centuries-old directive known as Inter-Branch Directive 1111 to order the organization's most brilliant minds to research radical new ways for business and expansion. He judged Conference Z such a success that he secretly dedicated a percentage of consortium's yearly profits to backing the think tank.2


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