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Large city
12,200 humans, 1,450 halflings, 300 cambions, 250 other
Source: Cheliax, The Infernal Empire, pg(s). 31-33

Ostenso is a major port city on the southern coast of Cheliax, just east of Cape Erebus, and is the easternmost city in the country.2 Ostenso is currently the home port of the Chelish Navy with grand, spacious docks.34 The naval works here are the largest on the continent, making up a quarter of the city that sprawls over the water. Another quarter of the city stands upon a line of stones known as Custodisce Break, which stretches half a mile into the sea and forms the natural harbour.5


Prior to 3991 AR, when King Korrado II moved his court to Westcrown, Ostenso was the royal capital of Cheliax.6


Since Pharaoh Khemet III opened the interior of Osirion to foreign explorers in 4707 AR, Osirian artifacts have fetched a high price throughout the Inner Sea region. As the easternmost port in the Empire, Ostenso has a well-established overseas trade route with the Osirian capital of Sothis.78

Ostenso also does a large volume of trade with the city of Absalom, more than any other Chelish city. This is due to restrictions placed by the Chelish government on other Chelish ports that trade with the City at the Center of the World. Whether this is done for security reasons, such as to limit the communication between Absalom and certain rebel groups within Cheliax, or another reason is not known. Absalom has responded by placing a strict quota on the number of sailors from ships flying the Ostenson flag within its walls. Even though this is a rare occurrence, it means that Ostenson ships wishing to dock when the city is near its quota must find another nearby port, such as Diobel.9


Chelish armed forces

A huge number of soldiers and sailors gather in Ostenso, ostensibly to respond to any sign of aggression from their eastern rival, Andoran. Astute observers note that the forces gathered appear more ready for invasion than defense.5 Even though a large number of sailors are harbored in Ostenso, they are generally thought to be less disciplined and less well-prepared than their counterparts in smaller Naval stations, such as Corentyn on the other side of the country; the reason behind this is unknown.4

Aspis Consortium

Ostenso is home to the Aspis Building, headquarters to the notorious Aspis Consortium. This pyramid-roofed structure is the meeting place of the organisation's leadership.10 One of the founders of the Aspis Consortium, Jhandorage Vaulnder Alexayn, spent the last few years of his life using his considerable wealth to construct buildings and memorials in his honor throughout the city. His obsession with his own lasting fame was so great that when his mausoleum was robbed over a century later, he rose as a mummy when he discovered that he had been almost entirely forgotten.11

Order of the Pyre

Citadel Krane, headquarters of the Hellknight Order of the Pyre, is located south of the city.12 From there they strike out throughout the region, battling the heathen worshipers of what they consider false gods.13



Like in the rest of Cheliax, slaves are a common sight in Ostenso. Because it is a port and so close to the abolitionist nation of Andoran, a vibrant (but very secret) anti-slavery network exists here as well, hoping to smuggle slaves to freedom.14

Fighting Pits

Ostenso is known for its private fighting clubs, where the poor and well-to-do alike can gamble on boxing and gladiatorial matches. These fighting pits are rarely sanctioned, but are legal under Chelish law. Interested parties are advised to contact Warrant Officer Tarantil Veser at the Six-Eyed Mute for up-to-date reports on the best matches of the week.15


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