Jona Clay

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Jona Clay

Bard 1 / Ranger 3 / Rogue 3
Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 4

Jona Clay is an ex-Pathfinder who gave up the sword and his wayfinder when his exploits resulted in the death of an innocent boy who wanted to follow in his footsteps.1

For a decade, Jona was renown as a skilled and trusted Pathfinder. One fateful day, he was approached by a young lad, flush with hero worship, who begged Jona to teach him the ways of sword. Jona played along, spending a day training the boy in basic swordplay, and encouraged him to visit him in Absalom when he was old enough. Several days of travel later, Jona saw smoke rising across the plain over the boy's village, and knew immediately that they had been attacked by bandits. Jona rushed back, but it was too late—most of the village had been slaughtered, and survivors told him that the boy had foolishly rushed out to challenge them, slaughtered bearing the old shortsword that Jona had gifted upon him.

Sickened with guilt, Jona returned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom. He packed his gear and left the city without a word, leaving behind only his sword and wayfinder. He was never seen again.

Unknown to everyone else, he actually stayed in the city, cleverly disguised and under an assumed personality. He married a nice local girl and took on a mundane job. He's a mean man with a walking stick, and stares down trouble with a steely eye and belies his heroic background. If his trust is earned, he might even disclose the location of some half-explored treasure sites known from his Pathfinder days.


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