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Source: Cities of Golarion, pg(s). 29–30

The Kaneano are a tribe of adaro who live in the sea around Ilizmagorti on Mediogalti Island.1 There are tales of shipwrecked sailors being rescued by the Kaneano, but there are just as many stories of them eating such folk instead.

Many of the locals see the Kaneano as a good thing, helping to keep down the numbers of devilfish, reefclaws, sharks and other dangerous sea creatures. They sometimes leave offerings for them in out-of-the-way places.

It is accepted that the Kaneano know the reefs around Mediogalti Island better than any land-dwelling navigator, and they are much sought after as pilots. However, they rarely agree to do so.

Rumour has it that Kaneano shamans possess great wisdom in matters of the sea, and might even be able to grant wishes. Some say a shaman will agree to aid a land-dweller in return for a black pearl of exceptional quality.2


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