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A devilfish.

Magical beast
Any aquatic
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 88

Devilfish are cunning and intelligent predators, solitary hunters that rightfully possesses a fearful reputation in the minds of those who ply Golarion's waterways. Surrounded by tales both factual and mythical in origin, these hateful creatures appear only when they feel the urge to kill and feed.1


A typical devilfish averages ten to twelve feet in length, but they continue to grow throughout the entirety of their lives. Visually, they appear similar to an octopus or a squid, possessing seven barbed tentacles connected by a thick webbing, all radiating from a central body that boasts a powerful beak and deep blue eyes.12


Devilfish are savage predators, possessing tremendous strength and a cunning intellect that allows them to plan attacks and set traps. The bite of these creatures carries with it a potent toxin, and their lives in the water's depths have allowed them to adapt to various environmental extremes. Similar to the clouds of ink that can be emitted by certain species of marine invertebrates, a devilfish can project a cloud of dark blood in order to hide from, confuse, and surprise its foes.2


A devilfish attack at sea can be particularly dangerous.

Ancient tales of the origins of the devilfish speak of the titanic kraken Kaktora who ruled the oceans of Golarion many ages ago. The sea demon lord Dagon, jealous of Kaktora's claim, waged battle on her. The blood of Dagon infused the tattered remnants of Kaktora's corpse and from that rose the first devilfish. Whether based in truth or legend, these creatures live up to the savage reputations of both their supposed progenitors.1 In his book Abyssal Synoptic, the author Praligeus somewhat agreed with this mythological history, stating that devilfish were escapees not from Hell (as their name might suggest) but instead from some aquatic layer of the Outer Rifts.3

Though they spend most of their time in water, devilfish are actually amphibious predators. They are highly aggressive and solitary, willing to attack their own kind as readily as other creatures they encounter. Asexual and only needing to feed every few weeks, a devilfish is capable of living its entire life alone.1

Variant devilfish

Though the typical devilfish is little more than an intelligent beast, they are not the only descendants of Kaktora to live in the ocean depths.1


Gutaki are social devilfish, completely aquatic, possessing heightened intellect, and devoted to the worship of the demon lord Dagon. These creatures build immense cities in the deepest trenches of the ocean and are ill-adapted for life in shallower waters.1

On Golarion

Devilfish dwell amongst the icy depths of the northernmost Ivory Sea.4


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