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Aliases Stone Maw
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Zahhak
Gender Male
Homeland Napsune Mountains, Rahadoum

Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 81

Khanjar-Khanayr or "Stone Maw" as he is also known to the locals is a patient zahhak azi that lurks on the mountain known as Ghataking in the Napsune Mountains of Rahadoum. Unlike most zahhak that wantonly indulge their passion for tyranny and destruction, Khanjar-Khanayr actually has a purpose in life. He was tasked by the lord of the div, Ahriman himself, to wait upon Ghataking until he sees a "ruby wing" that he must strike down. His vigil has already lasted several decades and he is attended by a small cabal of usij that see to his needs.[1]


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