Luxia Mirsaad

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Luxia Mirsaad

Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 35

Luxia Mirsaad is a powerful and skilled necromancer of the Whispering Way based in the haunted county of Virlych, Ustalav.1


Luxia is darkly beautiful and seductive: many members of the Whispering Way have fallen for her and even become obsessed with her. She uses this to manipulate even senior members of the cult. Hovering around her are the skulls of three ex-lovers who crossed her in some way or tried to make Luxia their pet and they serve as a warning to any future lovers.1


Luxia was found near the border of Virlych by cultists of the Whispering Way when she was a young girl. She was the sole survivor of an orc raid on her Sczarni clan. The cultists removed her to Renchurch, where they proceeded to sacrifice Luxia on their altar. The sacrificial knife did not kill the girl, however, and the cultists saw this as a sign of the Whispering Tyrant's protection so inducted her into the cult and brought her up as a member.1

Luxia is a devoted member of the Whispering Way serving with zeal: her mind is damaged and she has sadistic tendencies. This is accompanied by a dark sense of humour.1


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