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An orc warlord
Type Humanoid
CR By character class
Environment Temperate hills, mountains
or underground
Adjective Orc, orcish
Images of orcs

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 222

Orcs are savage humanoids with mottled grey to green skin, oversized, pointed ears, black hair, and a violent attitude.[1][2]

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Orcs look almost like humans with bestial features. Most have oversized, boar-like canines and sharp teeth. Males stand about six feet in height and weigh an average of 210 pounds.[1]


Orcs surfaced from the Darklands during the Age of Darkness, having been displaced by dwarves bent on their Quest for Sky. They prospered during this time, as there was no direct sunlight to affect their vision. Since then they have maintained a firm grasp in the Hold of Belkzen in central Avistan, but have lost much of their influence in the rest of the world.[3]


Orcs at work.


The Happy Fellow is a legend told by orc mothers to their young about an elf who comes to eat orc children who smile too much in their sleep.[4]


The orcs of the Hold of Belkzen sometimes capture deadly rockwasps in globes of wax, in order to hurl them at their enemies.[5]


Paizo Inc. published a major section about orcs in Monster Codex, a Pathfinder Player Companion sourcebook titled Orcs of Golarion, and the Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes.