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Please read carefully
All files uploaded to PathfinderWiki must be licensed for hosting and usage here, whether by the Community Use Policy (CUP), freely licensed, or used with permission. All files must also be sourced to a verifiable origin.

To maintain the privileges granted to us by the CUP, we cannot condone or allow uploads of photographs, screenshots, or image rips from Paizo Inc. or other companies' products without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

In short, you may upload Paizo-owned files to the site only if those files have been released into the CUP in one of these ways:

  • by being included in one of the downloadable Community Use Packages on
  • by being included as part of a blog post on the Paizo Blog.
  • by being a cover image of a Pathfinder product displayed on the Paizo Store.
  • by being included in an installment of Pathfinder Tales web fiction.

Files not adhering to these terms are subject to deletion.

File upload tools:

To view or search previously uploaded files go to the list of uploaded files, (re)uploads are also logged in the upload log, deletions in the deletion log.

Adding a media summary and license:

Each uploaded file should include a summary section that describes the file, cites its source, and credits its creator. The {{File}} template makes it easy to add these details to any media file. For detailed help, see the PathfinderWiki Help article on uploading files. Remember to select the appropriate copyright license for the file you're uploading from the Licensing dropdown below, or add it after you upload your file.

Sample {{File}} template for images:

For more help with the {{File}} template, or for more options (like citing multiple artists or uploading audio files), see {{File/doc}}.

== Summary ==

| year     = 
| copy     = 
| artist   = 
| print    = 
| page     = 
| cover    = 
| web      = {{Cite web
  | author = 
  | date   = 
  | title  = 
  | page   = 
  | url    = 
| summary  = 
| keyword1 = 
| keyword2 = 
| keyword3 = 
| keyword4 = 
| keyword5 = 
| keyword6 = 

== Licensing ==

{{Paizo CUP}}

Using files in articles:

To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg|Image description]] to use the full version of the file with the alt text "Image description".
  • [[File:File.png|thumb|Image caption]] to use a thumbnail in a box in the right margin with the caption "Image caption" displayed below it.
  • [[Media:File.mp3]] or [[:File:File.mp3]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file.
  • {{Audioplayer|File.mp3}} to provide media player controls for MP3 files.