Molthune Armsrunners

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Molthune Armsrunners
Type Mercenary
Headquarters Logas, Isger
Goals Weapon smuggling
Scope Regional

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 13

The Molthune Armsrunners are a group of mercenaries based in Logas in Isger. They deal in shipments of high-quality arms in Cheliax and also smuggle infernal weaponry back to Molthune, Andoran, and Galt. It is not known if they are being controlled by Andoren paymasters, obeying Molthune's governors, or doing it of their own accord. Rumor has it that the weapons go to the rebels and nobles alike. The Armsrunners' agents often work in the city of Misarias, recruiting guards, customers, or scouts within Cheliax's borders.[1]