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Nation Cheliax
Region Archduchy of Sirmium
Size Large town
Population 2,450

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 11-12

The city of Misarias in northeastern Cheliax stands on the banks of the River Keld on the Isgeri border, and serves as a waypoint for travelers of all sorts—thieves to diplomats, and brigands to scouts.[1] With a suspicious eye on Andoran and Molthune, and with memories of the Goblinblood Wars ever in mind, Her Infernal Majestrix's generals keep most of the nation's massive army stationed in the region, where they could hold back an invasion ere reinforcements could come across the Fields of Chelam or the Sirmium Plains to aid them.[2] Despite the large military presence, rumors hold that agents of the Molthune Armsrunners, a mercenary group operating out of Logas in Isger, keep rooms in Misarias where the organization is recruiting guards, customers, and scouts within Cheliax's borders.[3]