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Coast south west of Jula, Sodden Lands
Source: The Final Wish, pg(s). 79

A fearsome gandareva (a type of powerful azi dragon), Niertovannas is a treasure-hungry menace that haunts the swampy coastal waters of the Sodden Lands. Niertovannas's territory is to the south west of the purpose-built refuge of Jula—a territory she shares with the infamous pirate Oros the Widower. Oros and the crew of his ship, the Maiden's Lie, have an agreement with the greedy gandareva whereby Oros is allowed to pass through his territory unhindered in exchange for regular tribute of stolen art and beautiful maidens. Both parties get a good deal: Oros gets a base hidden in a secret cove protected by a powerful dragon, while Niertovannas gets a constant supply of beautiful art and women and to feast on those foolish enough to chase Oros back to his lair.1


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