Ninth Battalion

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Ninth Battalion
Type Military
Leader Charak Helmrunner
Alignment Lawful good
Headquarters Earth Axle
Goals Defend dwarvenkind
Structure Military hierarchy
Members Dwarves and their allies

Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 32

The Ninth Battalion is an inter-clan group of dwarf warriors dedicated to defend the remaining dwarven enclaves in Golarion. When enemies threaten a clan home, the Ninth Battalion will soon be there, answering the call for aid. It was founded and still led by General Charak Helmrunner. The headquarters of the group is the Earth Axle, a massive stone fortress constructed on an island at the center of a mountain lake, and said to be close to a Sky Citadel. The Ninth Battalion also focuses on forging excellent armor and weapons for its members,[1] including its unique tunnel defender stoneplate armor.[2]


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