Charak Helmrunner

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Charak Helmrunner
Titles General
Alignment Lawful good
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Fighter 9
Gender Male
Homeland Earth Axle, Five Kings Mountains
Organization Ninth Battalion

Source: Faction Guide, pg(s). 32

General Charak Helmrunner leads the dwarven Ninth Battalion, a roving military organization dedicated to the defense and aid of besieged dwarves. He claims Gruenak Helmrunner, legendary hero of the Quest for Sky, as one of his ancestors.[1]


After losing much of his clan in an assault from giants and a dragon, he formed a new clan of dwarven traditionalists aligned behind a common goal of stalwart defense. He is credited with the Battalion's tactical successes, and with coining its motto: "We cede not one more inch of rock."[1]

Lost Mines

Charak possesses leads and seeks additional information about the Lost Mines of the Hollow Hills, believing their disappearance to be an orc plot.[2]


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