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Type Druidic
Headquarters Sevenarches
Scope Regional
Structure Secret

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 47f.

The Oakstewards is a druidic organization that rules the River Kingdom of Sevenarches. Their leadership is sometimes detached but also strong. The druids seem unmoved by cries of human injustice, but act quickly to protect the land and the people. The Oakstewards operate in secrecy and no one knows how many Oakstewards exist. Four roles among the druids are shown in public:

  • The Voice of the Wind serves as the speaker to outsiders, and the foreign affairs diplomat
  • The Root of the Sapling encourages growth of crops and children
  • The Bloom of the Harvest ensures food distribution to the people of the region and the foreign buyers
  • The Sharp of the Bark defend the borders, waters and roads of the land.

The Oakstewards meet and confer in a secret lodge in the Elderwoods. Their lodge resembles a great hall made by the branches of huge ancient oak trees.[1]


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