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Wilewood is the largest forest in the River Kingdom of Sevenarches. It is inhabited by numerous dangerous fey, arboreals, centaurs and other forest denizens. The fey think of themselves as a sovereign nation within Sevenarches, and are unfriendly to all outsiders. They do not consider themselves strictly aligned with the Oakstewards, but recognize the druids as friends of the Wilewood, working with them despite their chaotic nature. Many animals living in the wood are permanently awakened by fey magic.1

Somewhere within the Wilewood is a great clearing hundreds of feet across. Seven Arches stand in the clearing, carved from gray-brown basalt and arranged according to some arcane pattern.2

The legendary hydra Ladonica is thought to have been enchanted with powerful fey energies when it accidentally stumbled upon a gateway to the First World in the heart of Wilewood.3

The land around the Wilewood serves as a base for several tribes of marsh giant raiders. They are brazen and sometimes raid as far as Riverton.4


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