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Level 10

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 251

Ofalth are malicious living trash heaps, a sort of evil counterpart to the otyugh.[1]


Ofalths resemble amalgamations of trash, including sewage, various debris, and biomass. They are occasionally mistaken for shamblers due to their similar appearances, but ofalths are much more vile in appearance and smell.[1]


More intelligent than an animal, but less so than your average humanoid, ofalths enjoy dissecting their prey and exploring its innards and workings. They have been known to vivisect creatures that live in similar environments, especially otyughs. The creatures carry a disease known as wretched weeps, and their hunting strategy largely involves infecting prey with this disorder and allowing the disease to kill their target. Ofalths are also quite stealthy in their environments, being able to disguise themselves almost perfectly as just another foul trash heap. Beyond this disguise ability, ofalths seem to gain strength and vigor from being surrounded by trash.[1]


Ofalths live primarily in the sewers and midden heaps of cities.[1]


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