Order of Infinite Emptiness

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Order of Infinite Emptiness
Type Monastic order
Leader Sai Riang
Headquarters Sai Riang's Refuge, Shackles
Scope Local
Members Ex-pirates

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 39

The Order of Infinite Emptiness is a strange monastic order in the Shackles founded by a Tian-Shu pirate named Sai Riang. When Sai Riang left the pirate life, she founded a monastery on the island now known as Sai Riang's Refuge. The monastery hosts pirates who have grown weary of their pirate lives and have been accepted to join Sai Riang's order. They tend the isle's vineyards, gardens, and sheep, living a peaceful life.[1]


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