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Nation River Kingdoms
Size Village
Demographics Lizardfolk
Government Tribal council
Demonym Orth
Adjective Orth
Ruler Kurguluk
Leader Council of Sixteen

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 69

Orthult is the largest lizardfolk settlement in the River Kingdoms, though few know where much of its population lives—most of its inhabitants and structures are hidden in mounds of living plants on mobile islands, and the settlement is within the bounds of the amorphous, dynamic Stolen Lands. Those who live in Orthult are known as Orth.[1]


Orthult consists of two settlements: a façade trading post on a solid marsh island, and the hidden mud huts on nearby solid and floating islands.

The façade settlement is open to outsiders and Riverfolk—an unusual trait for lizardfolk villages—and trades in food and refuge for fugitives, as well as secret storage of items. In exchange, the lizardfolk take goods for their barter value or magic they can use to defend their villages. Armed guards and keen-eyed civilians staff this part of Orthult, both to defend the mercantile operations and maintain the illusion that the post is the sole settlement.

The hidden settlements are heavily defended by creatures trapped in large steel cages and a system of tunnels along the marsh's edges, which the village watch releases when they detect interlopers. A cursed human wizard named Norauth the Withered also defends Orthult in exchange for the Orth's care and assistance in his research.[1]


A Council of Sixteen governs Orthult, with executive power granted to a chieftain that the council can dismiss. The village's current chieftain is Kurguluk.[1]


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