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Variant choral angel
Source: Heaven Unleashed, pg(s). 27

Penshi is proprietor of the Blessed Cup, a simple tavern and soup-kitchen in Absalom's Puddles district.

Penshi is known as a cheerful tavern keeper, a talented singer and performer, and a persuasive champion of social justice causes.

Providing nourishing meals to those that cannot afford to eat—though as a strict vegetarian, no meals contain meat—and aid to the downtrodden, Penshi has been operating the unassuming Absalom establishment for nearly ten years.

Penshi has also opened a number of similar establishments throughout Golarion over the past century or so, many with the same, or very similar, name. Each of his former establishments were donated to local benevolent community leaders before Penshi moved on.

While rumoured to be somewhat of a coward, this is untrue. Penshi simply avoids combat to avoid exposing his angelic nature.1


Penshi normally appears to be man of Tian descent but changes form as required to maintain his secret nature as a choral angel.2


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