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The Puddles

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The Puddles
Nation Absalom
Size Absalom city district
Government conventional (district council)

Source: Guide to Absalom

What is now known as the Puddles district of Absalom was greatly affected, like much of the city, by a massive earthquake in 4698 AR. It caused this district to drop below sea level at high tide, causing flooding and erosion.[1][2]

The center of the district is now a festering lake, known as the Little Inner Sea, and most businesses are calf-deep in water even at low tide.[3]


Unsurprisingly, most of the district's inhabitants who could leave the area have done so, leaving behind addicts, criminals, and the poor to fend for themselves in an environment as derelict as their squalid lives. Misfortune and destitution aren't the only reasons someone might live in the Puddles, though. The inhospitable environment and lack of public funds means less attention from the city watch, making the district the perfect hunting ground for those wishing to prey on the weak and an ideal breeding ground for thieves guilds, more than a handful of which operate out of the waterlogged quarter.[4]

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