Punishment of Seven Angry Suns

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This is the punishment meted out by the child-god Walkena, ruler of the city of Mzali in the Mwangi Expanse, to those who offend him.

The punishment lasts for seven days, and when each day dawns the citizens of Mzali decide what the next punishment will be. However, the seventh punishment is always imposed last. The authorities in Mzali declare that no one has ever survived or escaped this punishment, but some people claim to have done so.1

  • First Punishment – left floating face-up in the swamp
  • Second Punishment – tied to an aurochs and dragged through the bush
  • Third Punishment – stripped naked, and stung by a dozen angry scorpions
  • Fourth Punishment – force-fed hallucinogens, then flung into an obsidian-lined pit
  • Fifth Punishment – sharpened reeds are threaded beneath the skin
  • Sixth Punishment – packed into a pit of salt
  • Seventh and Final Punishment – staked out in the desert and left to die of exposure


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