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Amber Stewart

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Amber Stewart

Raleigh, NC
Freelance contributor

Amber Stewart, of Planewalker fame, is a writer who began doing work for Paizo in 2007 with articles for Dragon magazine. She has since been assigned to the Pathfinder campaign setting's planar material, as well as the solo production The Great Beyond: A Guide to the Multiverse, and additional works. Often known under the popular online pseudonym Shemeska the Marauder, her identity is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Having built up something of a fan following via the regular serial Shemeska's Story Hour on EN World, Amber has become a valuable contributor to the Pathfinder campaign setting and hopes to continue producing quality material for Paizo in the future.

Rumor has it she has been verbally dubbed the authority on planar matters by members of the Paizo development team.

It is also believed she is solely responsible for the continued commercial success of Mountain Dew's Diet "Code Red" soda product.

Pathfinder credits

Adventure credits

Title Date Notes
Keepers of Chaos"Keepers of Chaos" 0906 June 2009 The End of Eternity, 54.
Bestiary 22"Bestiary" #22 0906 June 2009 The End of Eternity, 76.
Ecology of the Boggard"Ecology of the Boggard" 1006 June 2010 Blood for Blood, 58.
Bestiary 98"Bestiary" #98 1509 September 2015 Turn of the Torrent, 80.
Bestiary 99"Bestiary" #99 1510 October 2015 Dance of the Damned, 82.
Bestiary 101"Bestiary" #101 1601 January 2016 The Kintargo Contract, 80.
Bestiary 111"Bestiary" #111 1611 November 2016 Dreams of the Yellow King, 80.
Zevgavizeb"Zevgavizeb" 2003 March 2020 Life's Long Shadows, 80.
Gluttondark"Gluttondark" 2004 April 2020 Siege of the Dinosaurs, 66.
Adventure Toolbox 154"Adventure Toolbox" #154 2004 April 2020 Siege of the Dinosaurs, 72.
Broken Scales, TheThe Broken Scales 2005 May 2020 PFS 2e Quest #10
Ruins of the Radiant Siege 2012 December 2020 Agents of Edgewatch #6. Also contributed to the Adventure Toolbox for this volume.
Among the Will-o'-Wisps"Among the Will-o'-Wisps" 2102 February 2021 Hands of the Devil, 58.
Lost Demiplanes"Lost Demiplanes" 2107 July 2021 King of the Mountain, 60.
Mean Streets of Shadow Absalom 2207 July 2022 PFS 2e #03-19
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Sourcebook credits

Title Date Notes
Campaign Setting 0808 August 2008
Osirion, Land of Pharaohs 0811 November 2008
Great Beyond, TheThe Great Beyond 0905 May 2009 Cover credit
Classic Treasures Revisited 1004 April 2010 Cover credit
Faction Guide 1005 May 2010
Heart of the Jungle 1006 June 2010 Cover credit
Rival Guide 1105 May 2011
Inner Sea World Guide, TheThe Inner Sea World Guide 1103 March 2011
Undead Revisited 1106 June 2011 Cover credit
Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Book of the Damned Volume 3 1111 November 2011 Cover credit
Dragon Empires Gazetteer 1112 December 2011
Advanced Race Guide 1206 June 2012
The Worldwound 1307 July 2013
Undead Unleashed 1409 September 2014
Advanced Class Guide 1410 October 2014
Bestiary 6 1704 April 2017
Book of the Damned 1709 September 2017
Planar Adventures 1806 June 2018
Concordance of Rivals 1904 April 2019
Gamemastery Guide 2002 February 2020
Bestiary 2 2005 May 2020
Grand Bazaar, TheThe Grand Bazaar 2110 October 2021
GM Core 2311 November 2023
Monster Core 2403 March 2024
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Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A"Edgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A" 20XX JulypEdgewatch Cold Case #1556.1, Evidence A 2020 Agents of Edgewatch, tie-in..
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