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Ranzak's Pathfinder Adventure Card Game token card


Ranzak is a goblin pirate, but he wasn't always so, nor did he always go by the name Ranzak. Born "Squidbreath," Ranzak was a diver among the Longlung goblins of the Shackles. When his fellow Longlungs were eaten by a sea monster—one the tribe called "Swirly Doom"—Squidbreath escaped. Tribeless and alone, Squidbreath eventually joined a goblin pirate vessel.

After years of plundering the Fever Sea, Squidbreath decided he needed a "magic bird" (a parrot) to eat crackers and "tell true secrets." He, along with his fellow goblins, snuck into a cave occupied by a "longshanks chief" with the intention of stealing his parrot while the captain slept. When the goblin attempted to steal the parrot, it began squeaking "Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak! Ranzak!" Believing the magic bird to "squawk true," Squidbreath took the parrot's cries of alarm to be his true name, adopting it from that point forward.1


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