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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is a cooperative card game for 1 to 6 players produced in conjunction with Lone Shark Games. As players explore and overcome challenges, they improve and customize their character deck by acquiring new items, allies, weapons, and more. Bimonthly 110-card Adventure Decks extend the storyline that begins in the nearly 500-card Base Set box.



The first Pathfinder Adventure Card Game adventure path was an adaptation of Rise of the Runelords. The set debuted at Gen Con Indy 2013 and sold out in less than 4 hours.1 Upon its release, the game spent 4 weeks atop the "Hotness" list on BoardGameGeek.com2. The game received almost unanimously favorable reviews, with an 8.59/10 rating as of September 12, 2013.3

Title Date Notes
Rise of the Runelords 00Rise of the Runelords Base Set 130800August 2013 RotR (B)
Rise of the Runelords 01 Rise of the Runelords Character Add-On Deck 130801August 2013 RotR (C)
Rise of the Runelords 1 Burnt Offerings Adventure Deck 130802August 2013 RotR (1)
Rise of the Runelords 2 The Skinsaw Murders Adventure Deck 1310October 2013 RotR (2)
Rise of the Runelords 3 The Hook Mountain Massacre Adventure Deck 1312December 2013 RotR (3)
Rise of the Runelords 4 Fortress of the Stone Giants Adventure Deck 1402February 2014 RotR (4)
Rise of the Runelords 5 Sins of the Saviors Adventure Deck 1404April 2014 RotR (5)
Rise of the Runelords 6 Spires of Xin-Shalast Adventure Deck 1406June 2014 RotR (6)
Skull & Shackles 00Skull & Shackles Base Set 140800August 2014 S&S (B)
Skull & Shackles 01 Skull & Shackles Character Add-On Deck 140801August 2014 S&S (C)
Skull & Shackles 1 The Wormwood Mutiny Adventure Deck 140802August 2014 S&S (1)
Skull & Shackles 2 Raiders of the Fever Sea Adventure Deck 1409September 2014 S&S (2)
Skull & Shackles 3 Tempest Rising Adventure Deck 1410October 2014 S&S (3)
Skull & Shackles 4 Island of Empty Eyes Adventure Deck 1412December 2014 S&S (4)
Skull & Shackles 5 The Price of Infamy Adventure Deck 1501January 2015 S&S (5)
Skull & Shackles 6 From Hell's Heart Adventure Deck 1502February 2015 S&S (6)
BardBard Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
ClericCleric Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
FighterFighter Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
RangerRanger Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
RogueRogue Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
SorcererSorcerer Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
WizardWizard Class Deck 1410October 1, 2014
Wrath of the Righteous 00Wrath of the Righteous Base Set 150500May 2015 WotR (B)
Wrath of the Righteous 01 Wrath of the Righteous Character Add-On Deck 150501May 2015 WotR (C)
Wrath of the Righteous 1 The Worldwound Incursion Adventure Deck 150502May 2015 WotR (1)
Wrath of the Righteous 2 Sword of Valor Adventure Deck 1506June 2015 WotR (2)
Wrath of the Righteous 3 Demon's Heresy Adventure Deck 1507July 2015 WotR (3)
Wrath of the Righteous 4 The Midnight Isles Adventure Deck 1508August 2015 WotR (4)
Wrath of the Righteous 5 Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth Adventure Deck 1509September 2015 WotR (5)
Wrath of the Righteous 6 City of Locusts Adventure Deck 1510October 2015 WotR (6)
PaladinPaladin Class Deck 1508August 26, 2015
MonkMonk Class Deck 1509September 30, 2015
DruidDruid Class Deck 1512December 16, 2015
BarbarianBarbarian Class Deck 1602February 24, 2016
OracleOracle Class Deck 1603March 30, 2016
AlchemistAlchemist Class Deck 1604April 27, 2016
InquisitorInquisitor Class Deck 1605May 25, 2016
WitchWitch Class Deck 1606June 29, 2016
Goblins1Goblins Fight! Class Deck 1608August 4, 2016
Goblins2Goblins Burn! Class Deck 1608August 4, 2016
GunslingerGunslinger Class Deck 160831August 31, 2016
WarpriestWarpriest Class Deck 1609September 28, 2016
SummonerSummoner Class Deck 1610000October 16, 2016
Mummy's Mask 00Mummy's Mask Base Set 161000October 2016 MM (B)
Mummy's Mask 01 Mummy's Mask Character Add-On Deck 161001October 2016 MM (C)
Mummy's Mask 1 The Half-Dead City Adventure Deck 161002October 2016 MM (1)
Mummy's Mask 2 Empty Graves Adventure Deck 161003October 2016 MM (2)
Mummy's Mask 3 Shifting Sands Adventure Deck 1611November 2016 MM (3)
Mummy's Mask 4 Secrets of the Sphinx Adventure Deck 1701January 2017 MM (4)
Mummy's Mask 5 The Slave Trenches of Hakotep Adventure Deck 1702February 2017 MM (5)
Mummy's Mask 6 Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh Adventure Deck 1703March 2017 MM (6)
MagusMagus Class Deck 1708August 17, 2017
Pathfinder TalesPathfinder Tales Character Deck 171003October 3, 2017
Hell's Vengeance 1Hell's Vengeance Character Deck 1 17131October 31, 2017 HV (1)
Hell's Vengeance 2Hell's Vengeance Character Deck 2 1711November 28, 2017 HV (2)
HunterHunter Class Deck 1712December 26, 2017
Occult Adventures 1Occult Adventures Character Deck 1 1801January 31, 2018 OA (1)
Occult Adventures 2Occult Adventures Character Deck 2 1802February 28, 2018 OA (2)
Ultimate CombatUltimate Combat Add-On Deck 1803March 28, 2018
Ultimate MagicUltimate Magic Add-On Deck 1804April 25, 2018
Ultimate IntrigueUltimate Intrigue Add-On Deck 1805May 30, 2018
Ultimate EquipmentUltimate Equipment Add-On Deck 1806June 27, 2018
Ultimate WildernessUltimate Wilderness Add-On Deck 1808August 2, 2018
Core SetCore Set 1905May 2019
Curse of the Crimson ThroneCurse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path 1805May 2019

Promo cards

In addition to the readily available Pathfinder Adventure Card Game products listed above, a number of promotional cards have been released to support the game. Promo cards have, to date, been distributed at conventions, through retail channels, to subscribers and random orders on, and in Game Trade Magazine.

Organized play program

Paizo announced the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play program in April 2014 and previewed it at PaizoCon 2014.

The Adventure Card Guild is part of the Paizo Organized Play program and requires a Pathfinder Society registration number.4

Digital adaptation

Before Gen Con Indy 2014, Paizo announced that videogame developer Obsidian Entertainment would create a tablet game based on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Both companies demonstrated a prototype at their Gen Con booths.5 Obsidian is developing the game for iPad and Android tablets, and incorporating pass-and-play multiplayer and permanent character death options. The game includes unique cards and card layouts,6 uses card artwork as location backdrops, includes maps to illustrate location cards, and tracks the number of cards played by type.7

There is an active forum community for the game on Obsidian's site, including discussions with both players and developers of the game. Information about the digital version of the game is available on the wiki with a dedicated portal to the digtal version information here.

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