Red Pyramid

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A prominent landmark within the Twilight Gate area of the city of Katapesh the Red Pyramid is an ancient structure dating back to the so called "Golden City" age of Katapesh. Once, millennia ago the pyramid served as the burial place of a noble-born wizard of great power but now it serves as a popular tourist attraction. The pyramid was long ago looted of any valuables, possibly while the golden city was still buried beneath the sands of the desert, now for a single silver piece anyone can take a guided tour through the vaulted tomb within. The tour includes numerous sprung traps, the skeletons of many a failed tomb raider, false burial chambers to deter thieves and finally the real burial chamber. Unknown to all who visit it there is a single chamber remaining that has not been looted and is filled with priceless relics from a forgotten age, strange statues carved of ivory and platinum depicting ape like creature with tentacle covered faces and the tail of a stinging insect.1