River Inn

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The River Inn is a prominent building in the Sprawl district of Katapesh. It was built in 3748 AR aiming to attract a higher cast of locals and visitors. It is a three-story building made of river stones and mortar with strong timber beams. The lanterns that flank its wide doors are lit with magical flames and the interior is suitable for nobles and rich merchants. Unfortunately rich merchants and nobles were never arrived in the district and the ownership of the River Inn has changed hands many times since its construction. The River Inn is still a magnificent building and has some of the best rooms in the city of Katapesh. Marvius Anquen, the current owner, works hard to keep the inn in good condition. Caravans, laborers, and adventurers are the most common customers. They enjoy having a nice place to stay without actually entering the city. A variety of fresh sea fish or river fish from River Scorpius, caught by Marvius's son Eldron, is always in River Inn's menu.1