Rod of the uraeus

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Rod of the Uraeus
(Magic item)
Aura (1E) moderate conjuration, divination, and necromancy
Caster Level (1E) 8
Type rod
Origin Osirion
Affiliation Wadjet

Source: Osirion, Land of Pharaohs, pg(s). 25

The rod of the uraeus is constructed in the form of the two-headed, winged spitting cobra. This creature is the uraeus, the symbol of the benevolent serpent Wadjet that is the guardian of the River Sphinx and the ruler of Osirion. While any wielder can use it as an magical light mace, one who is devoted to law and order is especially nimble and gains insight into the motives of others. Such a wielder can use the rod to summon a cloud of stinging poison that can sicken and stun his opponents.[1]


This item radiates conjuration, divination, and necromancy magic.[1]


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