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Rushlight is a small yet unusually deep lake located about a dozen miles north of Pitax, but still technically within the Stolen Lands. It has a paradoxical reputation as bestowing both great and terrible luck. Its name comes from the lights that dance upon its service, spectral flames of green and blue that whisk into life, slash across the water, and then disappear. During the day the lights are hard to see, but occasionally one can see flashes of brilliance that streak across the water's surface. Witnessing these "daylights" is thought to bring good luck.

At night the lights are easy to see, and local legend holds that to look upon their eerie glow is to be coaxed by the spirits of the lake, charmed into entering the water and drowning amid the spectral flames.

In the middle of the lake stands Hemlock Island, a small landmass speckled with reeds, shrubs, and hemlock. An unusual species of egret live on the island, possessing unique and beautiful plumage of bright rainbow. Hard to capture, the birds are disquietingly silent and still (but said to scream like a woman when slain).12