Salt Cartel

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Salt Cartel
Type Slavers
Leader Lady Seichya
Headquarters Brine prison, The Puddles, Absalom
Goals Profitable enslavement
Scope Regional

Source: Pathfinder Origins 6, pg(s). 3, 29-31

The Salt Cartel is a slavery ring run out of the Brine prison in Absalom's Puddles district.[1]


The wizard Ezren's father made a deal with the Salt Cartel to smuggle slaves around the Inner Sea.[1] The cartel's slavers each bear a brand of three waves cresting on the horizon of the ocean.[2]


To collect slaves from across the Inner Sea region and bring them to Cheliax.[1] Many of these slaves are prisoners of Absalom who happen to be brought to the wrong prison. Legal record indicate that these prisoners have died due to diseases contracted due to the high levels of stagnant water in the prison cells.[2]


A minor Chelish noble family, House Tevineg, runs the cartel out of a small prison in The Puddles district of Absalom.[2]


  • Truan: Brother to Ezren,[1] he took over the relationship with the Salt Cartel when their father was arrested by the Church of Abadar.[3]
  • Lady Seichya: Daughter of Chelish ambassador to Absalom Gulv Tevineg; Warden of the Brine, and the cartel's trademaster.[2][4]
  • Galundo: One of the slave gang leaders. He uses a magical flute to keep his slaves in line.[5]


  • The Brine: The prison in the Puddles district where the Salt Cartel gets its slaves and its name.[2]