Sekh-pa-Mefer III

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Sekh-pa-Mefer III

Pharaoh of Sphinxes
Unknown; ca. -2800 AR
Animal Companion
Source: Risen from the Sands, pg(s). 3

During the First Age of Osirion about 7,500 years ago, Sekh-pa-Mefer III ruled Osirion, and is known as the Pharaoh of Sphinxes.2


Sekh-pa-Mefer III is a well-documented friend of sphinxes that lived in the deserts of Osirion. These creatures were common to see in the public court of the pharaoh. This friendship led him to claim that the sphinxes had given him the secret to eternal life, promising that he would return after death to continue to lead the country as a god. Unfortunately, his brain was damaged during the mummification process and he rose from the dead as promised, but as a mummy, instead of as a deity. After finding that he was prevented from leaving his pyramid—located in the Parched Dunes in the Osirian Desert region of Osirion—until slaying the first living creature to enter, he watched as the sands slowly buried his tomb for thousands of years.2


Sekh-pa-Mefer III had two wives, Bastetabi and Senenetka. Both were buried with him in his tomb.3


As a beloved pharaoh, Sekh-pa-Mefer III was buried with many riches. These expensive items included weapons, jewels, furniture and even clothing.4


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