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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 253

The hieracosphinx is a sphinx with a falcon's head, and is one of the only types of sphinxes that can be dominated into serving as mounts for other creatures.1


A hieracosphinx has the face of an avian raptor, the body of a lion, and broad wings. Most measure 9 feet in length and weigh up to 600 pounds.1


In addition to their ability to carry more than 1,000 pounds and their mediocre flight, hieracosphinxes can also emit a deafening shriek.1


Hieracosphinxes are always male, directing their desires to breed toward gynosphinxes and attacking male sphinxes of all other breeds, especially when they hold a tactical advantage. They are considered the least intelligent of the sphinxes and do not share their cousins' loves for riddles, diplomacy, or subterfuge; if anything, they despise androsphinxes and criosphinxes for their superior intellect.1

Hieracosphinxes can be dominated and trained to serve as mounts for smaller creatures, including humanoids, but they require expensive maintenance, take three years to mature, are dangerous to train, are relatively poor flyers reluctant to fly into combat, and may still reject riders without magical compulsion. Hieracosphinx eggs and young hieracosphinxes nonetheless sell for more than 1,500 gold pieces on the open market.1

Known examples

Hephtethnet the Reaver terrorized southern Osirion during Pharaoh Kenaton's reign. The Tomb of the Bound Sphinx, which was constructed to be Kenaton's final resting place, serves as a magical prison for the mythic hieracosphinx. Pharaoh Kenaton's last great act was to magically bind the monster in the heart of his tomb, where it will remain until it collects a thousand riddles.2


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