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Sicnavier VI
Titles Sicnavier
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Very old Umbral dragon
Gender Male
Homeland Sicnavier's Lair, Virlych, Ustalav

Source: Shadows of Gallowspire, pg(s). 61

Sicnavier is a powerful umbral dragon who dwells in the Hungry Mountains of Virlych. The dragon has tormented the people of western Ustalav for countless centuries.[1]

Known to few people is the fact that the name Sicnavier is the title not of one, but six different umbral dragons throughout the centuries. Although heroes have been known to rise up in the past to slay the menace, a younger dragon has always stepped up to take the mantle and claim the vast draconic hoard of Sicnavier's Lair for itself.

The most recent claimant of the title is a very old umbral dragon who took the mantle after defeating his mother in combat. For over a century since that day, he has terrorized the region and wallowed in the wealth and power of Sicnavier's Lair.[2]

Rumours hold that Sicnavier is half-mad, driven to near insanity from the haunting whispers of his own dead kin.[3]

Sicnavier has a son named Chunvexus. He knows of his father's claim to fame, and waits for him to show weakness so he could claim the name Sicnavier for himself.[4]


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