Sicnavier's Lair

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Sicnavier's Lair is a dark chasm located in the Hungry Mountains in eastern Virlych, a grim mountain range in southern Ustalav.1

A place haunted by the spirits of evil dragons, Sicnavier's Lair is always ruled by a sole umbral dragon who had succeeded the previous draconic master. The spoils of this rivalry is an enormous accumulation of wealth, lore and slaves, more than enough to convince the successor to ignore ghostly whispers, even as the growing number of restless ghosts attempt to drive them insane.2

Whichever dragon controls the lair names themselves 'Sicnavier', a title that has passed to no fewer than six dragons over the centuries. Attempts by outsiders to slay the dragon usually fail, but on those rare occasions when an attempt succeeds, a new, younger dragon takes on the mantle for him or herself.

The deepest pits of Sicnavier's Lair connects to the Darklands, although the dragon master and the creatures below have limited interaction with one another.3

The current ruler is Sicnavier VI, a very old umbral dragon who, it is said, has been driven to near madness from tormenting whispers of its slain kin. Other inhabitants, such as Dark folk, nightwings and tenebrous worms also inhabit the lair, most frequently as slaves or pets of their draconic overlord.4


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