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Titles King
Race/Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Homeland Five Kings Mountains

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). Inside front cover

Sidrik was the son of the dwarven hero and king Khadon the Mighty, founder of the empire of Tar Khadurrm. As a Crown Prince, Sidrik met with delegates from Isger and Cheliax in 3450 AR. Sidrik was crowned king of Tar Khadurrm after his father's death from old age in 3451 AR. He founded Raseri Kanton at the request of the nations of Cheliax and Isger. The new city was a surface city close to mighty Jernashall, founded in 3312 AR by his father. Raseri Kanton became an important trade center between Tar Khadurrm and the two human nations.[1] In 3495 AR King Sidrik moved the capital of Tar Khadurrm from Highhelm to Jernashall.[2]


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