Skin of Klendar the Troll King

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Skin of Klendar the Troll King
(Magic item)
Aura Moderate conjuration
Caster Level 8th
Slot Armor

Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 58

The Skin of Klendar the Troll King is a relic claimed by the Pathfinder Society in recent years. According to the Pathfinder Bourlant Dammeranton who studied it in Algidheart, the strange hide armor is the skin of the troll king Klendar as described in Thorvald's saga. The tales say that Thorvald wrestled Klendar to the ground, chained him in place, and cut the living skin from the troll king with a heated knife.[1]

This suit of mottled, greenish hide armor has no seams, as if it were made from a single large, disgusting skin. When worn, it tightens to fit against the body. The skin acts as magical hide armor that repairs itself if punctured. It gives the bearer a magical strength and the ability to somehow speak the Giant language with a commanding voice.[1]


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