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5,042 humans, 534 gnomes, 336 dwarves, 260 fey, 158 ice trolls, 112 winter wolves, 278 others

The city of Algidheart is the regional capital of the Irrisen province of Bleakmarch. It lies to the west of Glacier Lake on the Rimeflow River. From the city, the Rimeflow continues westward into the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.123 The city's buildings are built upon bridges across the river, and rise to staggering heights. They are connected by a tangled network of platforms, ladders, and ramps.4


Algidheart was founded by Queen Jadwiga in 3314 AR following the Winter War to serve as the provincial capital of Bleakmarch. The city walls built were massive, 60 feet high with towers 80 feet tall and broad walkways. Due to the population growth and the fact that no one wanted to live outside the mighty walls, the city grew vertically. The buildings were built one on top of another, in structures that seem improbable and always on the verge of collapsing. Yet not a single building has collapsed in the Algidheart's history. These extremely high structures known collectively as the Soaring Districts are connected by a labyrinth of stairways, ramps, bridges and platforms.5

The main gates of Algidheart are the Snowrunner Gate on the north wall and the Eastroad Gate on the east wall.6

The dreadful chillbane fever epidemic in 4227 AR devastated the city's population. The city has never completely recovered and more than half of the lofty structures in the Soaring Districts still stand vacant.5

City districts

The height of one's dwelling signifies one's prestige. Jadwiga and wealthy foreigners live in the seven Soaring Districts surrounding the Hanging Markets, where each district houses a different class of resident. The eight Soaring Districts are:5

Algidheart's peasants and slaves live in the districts surrounding the Soaring Districts, their buildings prohibited by law to be higher than two stories. The lower class districts are:5

  • the Low Winghammer district, a slum just south of the Snowrunner Gate
  • the Huddle district, a dangerous shanty town on the north wall
  • the Potsill's Quarter, along the banks of the Rimeflow River, home to the Algidheart's dwarves
  • the always busy Riverfront district
  • the Coldwater district, the most comfortable non-Jadwiga district, inhabited mostly by rich outsiders and adventurers

Notable locations

  • Tiered Keep, a massive castle where court is held
  • Skybridge, a great stone bridge that connects the Barony district with the Tiered Keep
  • Cold Hostel, an inn in the Low Winghammer district

Notable inhabitants



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