Sons of Rovagug

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The Sons of Rovagug
Type Military
Leader Unknown
Headquarters Flesh Pens of Urglin
Goals Gladiatorial victory
Scope Local (Urglin)
Members Ogrekin

Source: The Hook Mountain Massacre, pg(s). 91

The Sons of Rovagug are a clan of particularly large ogrekin gladiators with a fierce reputation. They are named in honor of the god Rovagug and fight in the infamous Flesh Pens of Urglin in eastern Varisia. Despite their name, all seven members of the Sons of Rovagug are actually female ogrekin who have mutilated their bodies in such a way as to be unrecognizable as such. They are a feared team of gladiators even by the standards of the brutal Flesh Pens of Urglin, gleefully murdering all who face them.[1]


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