Starstone Brewers

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Starstone Brewers

Finding homes for orphans
Cayden Cailean worshippers
Source: Faiths of Purity, pg(s). 23

Starstone Brewers is a loose organization of Cayden Cailean's worshippers. They are an itinerant group across the roadways of the Inner Sea, with an ad-hoc membership any of the faithful can join. They are united under the guise of teaching people how to make excellent ale, but they could also be problem-solvers and competent muscle in the service of good. The primary work of the organization is helping find homes for orphans, children especially beloved of Cayden Cailean. They sweep through and past the battlefields, looking for children who have lost their homes and their parents. They take them to established orphanages of Cayden Cailean, keeping the details in records. If no parents are found, the Starstone Brewers look for loving homes for the children. Some raise orphans as their own. The organization break the law when rescuing orphaned children from slavery and exploitation in countries where this is legal, but the members of the Starstone Brewers treat those that take advantage of orphaned children with absolutely no mercy.1


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