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Headquarters Verces
Goals Keep the Ring of Nations from war
Scope Planetary

Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 21
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The Stewards are an elite coalition of soldiers and diplomats tasked with preventing the Ring of Nations of Verces from descending into war.[1]


The Stewards' primary goal is to defend the Ring of Nations, ensuring that all member states remain loyal. If necessary, they also serve as a secondary police force, or defend against invading monsters from the Fullbright or Darkside.[1]


Members of the Stewards are recruited from all three Vercite castes. They only answer to the Grand Assembly, the parliamentary body that governs the Ring of Nations as a whole.[1]


Every nation in the Ring of Nations has at least one Steward citadel, all of which are connected by teleportation stones, allowing the Stewards to easily mobilise from one citadel to any other across Verces.[1]


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