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Source: Distant Worlds, pg(s). 20
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Vercites are native to the nations along a narrow strip of habitable land on Verces, a tidally locked world that's nearly half hellish desert and half unforgiving fields of ice.


Adult vercites have an average height of 8 feet, humanoid features, long limbs, and bulbous black mouse-like eyes. They have chameleon-like control over their pigmentation, which they use to regulate radiation absorption, for camouflage, and as decoration.12


Vercites in Verces' Ring favor creating patterns on their skin over wearing clothing. The few vercites who live in the Fullbright wear mirrored robes to deflect the harsh, unending sun, and invert them to serve as earthen camouflage when hunting.2


Vercites are split into one of three complementary castes in their mid-teens:21

The Augmented and the God-Vessels are only allowed to marry Pure Ones; the resulting balanced, shared understanding of each caste contributes to their society's stability.2

On Verces, most vercites respect the Grand Assembly of the Ring of Nations as a shared representative government, and its loyal Stewards for defense, diplomacy, and enforcement.

Relationships with other races

They maintain good relations with the sarcesians. As space-traveling adventurers, Augmented vercites are also known to have contact with other races.1

Links to Golarion

Vercites are known to have visited Golarion in ancient times.1


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