Storm Kindlers

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Storm Kindlers

Gozreh cult
Understand the Eye of Abendego
Priests of Gozreh
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 135
See also: Storm Kindler

The Storm Kindlers were a fanatical group of priests of Gozreh.

They viewed the appearance of the Eye of Abendego as a manifestation of their deity and flocked to the Sodden Lands. Their leaders wore goz masks, but ultimately even these failed in the face of the unexpected ferocity of the Eye. All of the Storm Kindlers died.1

A second generation cult of followers of Gozreh adopt the name of Storm Kindlers. They also seek to understand the Eye of Abendego.2 Aware of their precursors' mistakes, this new generation of Storm Kindlers has devised elaborate methods to navigate the storm-lashed Sodden Lands.3


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