Sundered Waves

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Sundered Waves
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March 6, 2021

Sundered Waves, a Pathfinder One-Shot by Jason Bulmahn, was released on March 6, 2021. It is the first product in the Pathfinder One-Shot line, which was introduced in a Paizo Blog.

For years, the pirate Captain Renlock sailed the coast of the Arcadian Ocean from the Shackles to the south to the waters of Varisia to the north searching for plunder and adventure—until one day his luck ran out. The ship was captured by a navy and the captain and his crew were apprehended and imprisoned. Years later, after the captain's death in prison, the four released crewmembers receive a message from the deceased captain pointing them to treasure he hid for them.

This short Pathfinder 2nd edition adventure written by Jason Bulmahn is intended to be completed in a single session and includes four 5th-level pregenerated characters whose backstories and motivations tie closely into the plot of the adventure. This adventure can be easily incorporated into various virtual tabletops, run off of digital devices, or printed out and played at a table.

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Pregenerated characters for this adventure are also available as a free download, as well as a free digital wallpaper of the cover art in a variety of sizes.


On Saturday 6 March 2021, from the Gen Con Spring Showcase, Paizo sponsored a livestream on the GenConTV Twitch channel called Pathfinder One Shot: Sundered Waves at Gen Con (direct link) based on the adventure. Afterwards, the recording was published on Paizo's YouTube channel. The livestream featured the return of the original cast of Pathfinder Beginner Box: Troubles in Otari.